What to expect

  • To ensure your safety and privacy, a short intake form will be provided along with consent forms prior to your visit. You will have the opportunity to discuss any of the information about the forms with the Naturopathic doctor.

  • In your first visit, there will be an extensive “history taking” with the doctor including any past medical history to current medical history. This is to ensure your goals are met and the root cause can be determined. To ensure a complete intake, please feel free to bring any recent lab workups or tests you may have on hand.

  • The Doctor will explain your treatment plan and an estimated time to the length of the treatment plan. Both short term and long term goals will be discussed.

  • If seemed necessary, a physical assessment will be done including pulse, blood pressure, temperature, abdominal exam, eye exam, ear exam, orthopedic tests ect… This can be further discussed with the doctor.

  • Natural medicine is focused on the individual, so you can expect an individualized treatment plan specific to your health goals. Remember, we are treating the “whole” person; no information is too little or too much. Our goal is to make sure your health goals are met and optimal health is reached!

  • Billing: As Naturopathic Medicine and Osteopathy  is not covered by OHIP, some insurance companies do cover Naturopathic Medicine and Osteopathic Treatments independently. Be sure to ask your employer or to check your extended Benefits plan to see if “Naturopathic Medicine” and “Osteopathy” is covered.

  • H.S.T– Naturopathic visits and Osteopathic treatments are HST exempt.